As we grow old

As we grow old
the ground we walk on
rises up
so that,
as each of those few moments
left to us
pass by
and we grow old
and hair turns greyer still
we move a bit more slowly.
At such a speed,
we can see around us
more of life today
and feel we understand 
the present 
for we have lived
among the weeds
and trees,
from which it came.
And we have much we want
and need
to say.
But, sometimes,
no one asks

About Senator Murray Sinclair

Ojibway Anishinaabe Inini Mizhanagheezhik (n’dizhinikaaz) Namiigoonse (n’dodem) Lawyer, Mediator, Public Speaker Currently Canadian Senator for Manitoba Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba (2001-2016) Associate Chief Judge off the Manitoba Provincial Court) (1988-2001) Co-Commissioner of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba) (1988-91) Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquiry Judge (1997-2000) Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (2009-2015) Thinker, poet, writer, philosopher, speaker.
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39 Responses to As we grow old

  1. warrenturner says:

    Reblogged this on Words from Warren and commented:
    Quiet, soft wisdom

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  2. “But sometimes no one asks.”
    True. The older folks amongst us have loads of experience to share with us younger folks, but were rarely care. I am guilty here.

    Thank you for reminding me about the wisdom of the aged ones through this piece.

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  3. srbottch says:

    I printed it to share with my Bar Night friends, all Senior men. Excellent closing lines.

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  4. Ihagh G. T. says:

    interesting piece of words… as we grow older on this side of life, we gradually get closer to the day we will be born on the other side of life.

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  5. Yes! Much to say … but no one will ask or say… except a talking horse on my last post reply, by the way!

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  6. Truth …we have too much we want and need to say …

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  7. Undine says:

    Very delicate words. Thank you.

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  8. Shruti says:

    True, though all the experience and knowledge from the days gone by is there. People don’t seem to ask for it. Young people should take out time from their busy schedule to understand the perspective of the people who have lived in the ages past and get to know them more.

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  9. sandomina says:

    So beautifully you have put across. Thanks. Do visit my website to share your views.

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  10. Newst10 says:

    Interesting post

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  11. This poem provides such a nice perspective!

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  12. Reblogged this on Harvesting Life's Lessons and commented:
    Getting Older… growing wiser

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  13. Dheeraj says:

    Carefully crafted and beautiful use of words. Could see the world being described.

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  14. Chi Miigwetch Mizana Gheezhik for such a beautiful reflection.

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  15. Love this 💜💜

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  16. just beautiful, thank you. xo

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  17. mishraritika says:

    This was really amazing.
    Do read my blog once and share yiur views.

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  18. Richard says:

    Nice work! your use of imagery is really good; I really enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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  19. Jimwell says:

    Love the last line.

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  20. TCast says:

    This is beautiful and sad at the same time.

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  21. Niranjan B S says:

    Very true!
    I’d l be glad if you could spare your little time to read my new poetry from my blog!

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  22. This is such a sad poem. It is so true among many of our elders. I hope to be so loud and gray some day that the world has to listen. I’m going to go visit my Grandma tomorrow…..

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  23. S P King says:

    Reblogged this on ContagiousBlog and commented:
    Senator Murray Sinclair’s poem on growing older. There is something so precious about slowing down and being present. Age is not wasted on the elderly.

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  24. Wow 💓💓🌸🌸

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  25. I absolutely love this!

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  26. KEMwriting says:

    Beautiful.A joy to read.

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  27. I so love that piece. You stirred something in me thus causing me to shed a tear. I think I related it to my mother.

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  28. lifoholicmag says:

    Words of Wisdom. Thank You!!

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